Life Update – And a Hiatus

Posted October 26, 2019 by Bluestocking Bookworm in General / 3 Comments

Alternate title: the one where everything changes… for the better.

So, lately I have been really absent from the book blogging world. Here, social media, Discord… And I really hate it, and I really miss you all.

But it hasn’t been without good reason, I promise. Because you see, just over a month ago I started working full time again. Not even just full time. I started working two jobs.

For the past several years (7+) I have been working for my dad’s business doing the office work out of my parents’ home. I have a whole host of health issues, including chronic pain, Ulcerative Colitis, mental health struggles, and so on and so forth. I honestly didn’t think I would ever work in a structured work environment ever again.

And then in early September I was approached for my skills and my personality to work a 9-5, Monday to Friday office job. I was nervous, because I didn’t think I wanted to do that kind of schedule for anything less than my dream job. But I took the plunge. And it has been wonderful.

(I am still working for my dad for the time being, too. So I went from working part time in a home setting to working full time in an office, AND part time at home.)

It still isn’t work that I would describe as my dream job – I am not working in the book industry, after all. But I am doing better than just OK with the full time work. I am thriving.

I am still dealing with a lot of health issues, too. They didn’t magically disappear. I still have bad pain days, and bad bathroom days. I still get migraines and panic attacks. But I went in with full disclosure about my health, and that was huge for me.

Still, I have dropped the ball on my blog more than once since I started working more. And I take that really seriously. So for now at least, I need to restructure some things. I won’t be signing up for any more blog tours for the foreseeable future, and I am going to be extremely picky with the ARCs I request going forward. I still have time to read, and reviewing books is still something I love. But blogging is like a full time job in and of itself, and I can’t quite manage three of those. Not while maintaining my sanity.

Thus, I need a hiatus. If all goes as it has been, my probation should be done early in the new year. At that point, I will look again at the realities of what I can manage without burning out on anything.

Until then?

Stay bookish, lovelies! ❤



3 responses to “Life Update – And a Hiatus

  1. Lorien O'Brien

    Yay! I’m so happy you were able to get a job! I’m glad you’re hiatus is because you’ve been busy and not something bad! This is a GREAT update, IMO.

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