Little Free Library #41163

Welcome to the information page for Little Free Library #41163 – located in Winnipeg, MB.

This Little Free Library (or LFL) is stewarded by the Bluestocking Bookworm herself. You can learn more about her by clicking here.

If you ever see me out with Cricket, please feel free to say hi!

The cutest little co-steward and reading buddy, ever!

How does the Little Free Library work?

  1. Browse the Little Free Library. The books change fairly regularly, so come by often! Feel free to grab any book(s) that interest you, but please be mindful of leaving some for the other neighbours.
  2. Take your new book friend home and spend some quality time together. There is no time limit, so don’t worry if it takes you a day or a year to read it!
  3. When you are done, bring the book back to any Little Free Library.
  4. Repeat as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

“But what if I like the book so much I want to keep it?”
That is totally fine! That actually makes me super happy! Please consider bringing back another book in its place for the neighbourhood to enjoy. This isn’t mandatory, but it does help keep the library self-sustaining.

“Hey, there is a book in there I know I can get good money for, so I’m just going to…”
No. Please stop. The books in the LFL are either ones I have bought with my own money, or ones donated by the neighbourhood. They are NEVER for sale. You may share them with your friends, but please out of respect for me and your other neighbours, do not sell them. Furthermore, all of the books I personally place in the LFL are stamped to prevent sale.

“Why don’t you put more [insert genre/type of book here] books out?”
This is because of one of two things:
1. I put lots of those books out, but none of them ever come back.
2. I don’t know that people want me to put more [insert genre/type of book here] in the LFL. So feel free to write a note in the guestbook, post on the LFL’s Facebook Page, or pop a note in my mailbox!

“I want to donate books. What kind of books can I donate?”
First off, thanks so much for your interest in donating books. I like to keep a backstock just in case something happens. Please see the DONATION GUIDELINES section for more information!

“I dropped a book into your yard. What do I do?”
You can come in and get it, but watch out for dog poop, and please close the gate behind you. Or you can leave it there, and I will pick it up when I am outside next.

“I have a complaint about something I or my kid got from your LFL!”
I am super sorry that you didn’t like what you/your kid grabbed from the LFL. I do everything in my power to ensure that the LFL is a safe and inclusive space to find literature that reflects experiences from all walks of life. I personally do not put out overtly pornographic or hateful materials, and if I see them on one of my check-ins I do remove them immediately. That said, this is a community book exchange, and some things are just out of my control.



These guidelines are not universal to all Little Free Libraries, they are just how I choose to steward my own little slice of bookishness.

Small donations (up to 5 books) can generally be left in the Little Free Library. Larger donations should be left in bags or boxes on the deck.

  • Please only donate books.
  • Donated books should be in good used condition. Please do not donate books with heavy staining, missing covers (a missing dust jacket is fine), missing pages, moldy books, or books that smell heavily of pets or cigarettes.
  • Please, no overtly pornographic books. (No Playboys, no hentai comics, etc.)
  • Absolutely no political or religious pamphlets.

High Demand Items

These are the items that are taken out very quickly after being donated, and are very rarely donated back. I also don’t have many of them in my backstock.

  • Young adult novels
  • Comic books and graphic novels
  • Science fiction and fantasy novels
  • Children’s books, including picture books
  • Books in languages other than English and French

Low Demand Items

These are the items that are donated frequently, and I have many in my backstock. You are still more than welcome to donate low demand items, they just may not be put out for a while.

  • Romance novels
  • Mystery and thriller novels
  • Westerns and military novels
  • Non-fiction books