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Welcome to my final day hosting a prompt for Bookending Summer, created by Clo over at Book Dragons. Please take a moment to pop over and say hi to her, because she rocks!

This is a PHOTO TAG and to make it a little more challenging, I want you to try and use books you have read, or plan to read this summer.


Why do I do this to myself, awesome nerds? We all know I read 90% on my tablet. And I am having to pack up my recently read books to make room for my in-laws who are visiting in a few weeks. So… I have no photos for you today. I am super sorry. But over on Twitter I will be posting about the books I WOULD have photographed if I had physical copies of them! ❤

Prompt #1: Sunscreen

A book with a white cover OR a book with a light plot

Prompt #2: Sunshine

A book with a yellow cover OR a book that made you laugh out loud

Prompt #3: Sunburn

A book with a red cover OR a book that features anger

Prompt #4: Aloe Vera

A book with a green cover OR a book that takes place in a green setting like a forest, or a jungle, etc.

Prompt #5: Shade

A book with a black cover OR a book that deals with dark/heavy themes


Note to self: Don’t create any more photo prompts, you silly woman! You can almost never participate in them!

Link me up to your post, I am SUPER interested in how you interpreted my prompts! And tomorrow, head over to The Must Reads to check out Rachel’s prompts!

Stay bookish, lovelies!

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