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Hey, awesome nerds! Welcome to my second day hosting a prompt for Bookending Summer, created by Clo over at Book Dragons. Please take a moment to pop over and say hi to her, because she rocks!

I missed yesterday’s prompt, but I hope to post it either today or tomorrow for those who want to answer the question. I sincerely apologize. I have had a lot of stuff just flying at me this July including a friend’s death, visiting my brother (twice), my in-laws visiting in two weeks, and running out of ADD meds. Too many balls in the air, and it was only a matter of time before I dropped something.

Summer Celebrations

Myself and my husband have birthdays in the summer months. Our wedding anniversary is the end of June, and one of my niece’s birthdays is at the start of July. So we celebrate a lot over the summer. Do you? What is your favourite part of summer celebrations? Is there a book that has an awesome summer celebration you wish you could attend? Tell us all about it!

My selection

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

In this book, we get to see two side characters get married in the summer months. Of course in true Harry Potter style, disaster cuts the celebration short. But the descriptions of everything are wonderful, and every time I read the scenes I feel like I am there. I also resonate with the concept of celebrating in the face of dark times.


Do you personally celebrate anything over the summer months? What is your favourite summer celebration in a book?

Tune in tomorrow for my last prompt, a photo prompt called Sunburned Bookworms. If you check out my Twitter, I will be posting the individual prompts today, and you can post them all together tomorrow!

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