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Welcome to my series of unboxing reviews! There are quite a few different bookish subscription boxes on the market, and when I was approached by one company to do an unboxing review, I thought I would try as many as I possibly could out to make sure you, my awesome followers, have information when you are looking to decide on which subscription box is right for you.

Up first is Uppercase!


Uppercase has been around since August of 2014. You can check out some of their past boxes here. Lisa, the founder and CEO (and all-around sweetheart) personally reads and recommends the books for each month’s box. She has been an active member of the book blogging community at Read.Breathe.Relax. and over at Huffington Post where she posts book reviews, “best of” posts, and advice for the average blogger.

There are two levels to the Uppercase box. The Expert box is the best book of the month, regardless of genre. The book will have been released in the month of the box’s sending, or the month previous, and will have been read by Lisa. All books are acceptable for ages 13 and up, but in the rare instance a book with more mature themes is chosen, the subscriber is notified so a different book can be selected. And, you get an awesome bookish item, and some sweet goodies to go along with your new book in every box. Did I mention the blog? Uppercase runs this fantastic blog for subscribers to access even more information about their monthly box.

Lisa also told me that they are working on a way for subscribers of the Expert box to be able to connect with each other, so they can all chat about the awesome book they just got.

If the idea that you might be getting contemporary or fantasy books for a few months in a row does not make you a happy camper, then Uppercase also offers a Personalized option. The same exceptional standards apply, except that the book you receive will be picked especially for you based on your tastes.

I know what you are waiting for. You want pictures of my box, don’t you! (Don’t make the obvious joke guys, we are all better than that)

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The box actually wasn’t a box. It arrived in a bubbleope, with the book wrapped in a lovely cloth bag. Inside the bag with the book were a letter from Lisa (handwritten!), a coupon for Ink & Dolly (some really excellent looking things here), a slip about obtaining an extra item in next month’s box for sharing my pictures, and a bookplate autographed by Victoria Aveyard! I also received in my e-mail a video from Uppercase featuring Victoria Aveyard in all her adorable nerdiness. It is an exclusive video for Uppercase subscribers, too, which is super awesome! And the candle that I cannot stop smelling. It is from the Paddywax library collection and I think I need every single one of these ever. (The one I got is Poe, and it is divine!)

So, the pros for me were:

  • Pretty fast shipping. The postmark was dated March 16, and even with not getting to my PO box until after my uncle’s funeral, that means it took 2 weeks to get to me from Florida, which is awesomely good, as any Canadian who orders from the US can tell you!
  • The products are wonderful. Red Queen has had so much buzz, I am very excited to read it. I love the online extras and the potential for Expert box readers to connect with each other and discuss these books and products. I also really like that Uppercase seems to be supporting businesses who are lesser known, instead of big name brands.
  • The personal touch. The handwritten letter and the coupon for an Etsy store based in Canada just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. (The Etsy thing could be a fluke, but I am going to choose to believe it isn’t)

There was only one minor item to put in the con category:

  • Because the Uppercase box is sent via bubbleope, the candle tin and book suffered the smallest amount of damage. I am personally, not concerned about the damage, because the book is still readable and the candle still smells really awesome. But if you are someone who is very intent on owning pristine conditioned items, this may be something to take into consideration. When I asked Lisa about this, she was very apologetic and said that if a subscriber experiences issues like this, to contact Uppercase. They can include a bonus item in their next box, or if the damage is, heaven forbid, severe, a refund may be offered on a case-by-case basis. Lisa and the team are looking at ways to prevent damage in future, as well.

So, let’s look at the Uppercase box!


Lisa has told me that lowering shipping costs is very important to them, so hopefully the price to Canada will be lowered soon, and International bookworms will be able to subscribe as well!

So, awesome nerds? Does the Uppercase box sound up your alley? Leave me a comment and let me know!

**Please note that I am not affiliated with Uppercase in any way. Many thanks to Lisa at Uppercase for sending me the March 2015 box for review.**

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  1. I am sad there is no international option. do you know if there are any of these book boxes based in England? They all seem to be Erican and shipping prices me out