Things Suck… So It’s Time for a Giveaway!

October 6, 2017     The Bluestocking Bookworm     Giveaway

Well, the news has been pretty awful lately. You can’t turn it on without seeing death and destruction everywhere. But you know what isn’t awful? Books. Books are rad. So may I present…

The official rules are as follows:

  1. You must be following my blog and my Twitter in order to be eligible.
  2. You must reside in a place where Book Depository will ship to.
  3. You must be 16 years or older, and have parental permission to give out your address.
  4. I will notify winners within 24 hours of the drawing if they won. Winners have 48 hours to respond before they forfeit their prize, and a new winner is drawn.

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What are you waiting for? The contest starts on Saturday, October 7 2017 at MIDNIGHT CST. Go forth and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Talk bookish to me!

13 responses to “Things Suck… So It’s Time for a Giveaway!

  1. Vanessa

    Thank you so much for doing this. It’s always good to see something nice in these quite dark times. :/

  2. It is really nice of you to do this…the news lately has pretty much been so hard to watch. Books are wonderful at offering comfort as are thoughtful people and bookish friends.

  3. Antonela

    So far, 2017 has been terrible. I actually don’t remember crying this much over the news and everything that is going on in the world before. But there is one thing that will make me feel a little bit better, and that is BOOKS. So thank you. So much. Thank you for this kind present <3

    And yes, things suck. But keep in mind that there are some pretty wonderful things happening too. When the bad ones overwhelm you, just try to think about those good ones 🙂 Send you a big hug!!!!