Review: The Girl From the Well by Rin Chupeco

May 20, 2014     The Bluestocking Bookworm     Books, Books I've Read, Reading

Many thanks to Sourcebooks Fire for sending me this review copy via NetGalley!

OK, so the movie The Ring scared the bejeebers out of me. Completely. And horror is always more horrifying (I find, anyways) in book form, because your imagination gets to run wild. So I decided to request this book.

I was a little disappointed. OK, more than a little. I was expecting to have to put this book in the freezer to escape the nightmares, but because it is a young adult book, the actual horror is pretty light. Because I was expecting something truly terrifying, the book lost a star there. I don’t deny there were some creepy bits, but for the most part I was just, not invested and not scared.

The Girl From the Well gets bonus points for being one of the only young adult book I have read in a very long time that didn’t feature a romance. At all. Instead, the two main characters are cousins. It had the potential to be really great, but the relationship was a little strained. I wanted the characters to be closer, but not “in love” close.

Learning about the basis for stories like The Ring was really neat, but I felt like Okiku really lacked depth as a character. OK, we know her backstory and we know what she is up to now, but we don’t really know how she feels most of the time. I want to know more. This was true for the other characters as well. We see them on the surface only. They are kiddie pools, only present enough to move the story along, and nothing more.

Bottom Line: The book is called The Girl From the Well but the story was nowhere near deep enough for my liking.

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