Review Policy/Contact

I am currently being extremely picky with unsolicited review requests while I work on my backlog

If you are still wanting to pitch me, please feel free. Note that the following will increase the chances of your review request being accepted:

  • You are a marginalized author
  • Your story features positive representation of a marginalized community
  • You are a Canadian (or even better, Winnipeg) author

My Rating System:
(five stars) – Amazing. Please read this book immediately so we can talk about it.
(four stars) – Excellent. I would recommend this.
(three stars) – A good and entertaining read.
(two stars) – I would probably recommend borrowing this book over buying it.
(one star) – I didn’t enjoy this book at all.

Half stars are given on platforms that allow them.

My Terms:

  • I am only one person running this blog, so please understand that it isn’t always possible to accept or respond to every pitch, or to post a review for every pitch accepted.
  • I offer my honest and respectful opinion. Nothing more, and nothing less.
  • If I do not finish the book, I promise I will at least have given it a good shot.
  • The following formats are acceptable: Hardcover, Softcover, Paperback, EPUB, Kindle, PDF
  • If you would like me to review a book and include it in my Little Free Library, please indicate that in your pitch. Please note that if your book has harmful representation of marginalized communities in it, I will not put it in my LFL.
  • Please do not pitch to me and ask me to buy your book. I can’t afford to buy the books I want to buy for me. Sorry. (The same goes for shipping.)
  • If your book is not yet released, it will take top priority on my list. I will do everything within my powers to have it read and reviewed as soon as it is in my hands. If it is a released book, I can make no guarantees as to when the review will happen. If you have a specific timeline in mind, please mention it in your pitch.
  •  I do not, under any circumstances, read series out of order.

Genres I Love

I read and enjoy books targeted to both adults and young adults. I do not read anything middle grade or younger for review.

Fantasy (all subgenres)
Science fiction (all subgenres)
Dystopian & speculative fiction
Historical fiction
Literary fiction

Genres I Don’t Read

Romance (books with romantic elements are fine, but I dislike books where romance is the main focus)
Self Help

To contact me for a review request, or anything else, please e-mail me!

   info [at] bluestockingbookworm [dot] com

Talk bookish to me!