Review: Fragments by Dan Wells

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FragmentsFragments by Dan Wells (Partials Sequence #2)
Read: April 8 – April 10, 2013
Personal read.

I have decided to exclude a book blurb, to keep this review safe for followers who haven’t read the first book.
(On that note, I advise you to avoid the Goodreads description if you can.)

My Opinion: The middle book in a series is always a little scary. OK. It is a lot scary. I loved the first book Partials so much, that I was highly anticipating the release of Fragments. I got it from the library, dove in, and…

Firmly landed in middle-book-world. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the book, and a lot of good things happened. Most of the questions raised in book one were answered, and of course, more were raised.

But a lot of bad things happened too.

The bad ranged from the pacing (a good portion of this book could have been edited down), to the romance (which, I am sorry to say is not Dan Wells’ strong suit), to some horrendously bad prose (Kira pulls her gun out twice in one paragraph).

While the good didn’t entirely redeem the book in my mind, it was a start. As I already said, we get some answers, which is so important to me. The action sequences are really well written, and the book has less politics than the first book. I also really enjoyed how the Partials themselves went from faceless evil to a more complex entity in Fragments.

We get to know more about the world that exists after the Partial War, and we get to know more about what led to the Partial War. It reads a little dry at times, but the information itself is really well thought out.

Bottom Line: A standard middle book that both satisfies and frustrates.

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