Review: A City Infected by N.F. David (Did Not Finish)

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A City InfectedA City Infected by N.F. David
Did Not Finish

Book Blurb: New York City has been destroyed by UXohms Virus: a sickness that twists humans into vile mutations, giving Crest Hominal, architect of the plague, unchallenged reign. Officer Kyle Runner must survive the environment, vengeful peers, savage beasts and a broken marriage to protect Sarah, his only child and only reason for living.

My Opinion: I was approached for a review by the author of this book, N.F. David, after they saw my review on Mark Tufo’s Zombie Fallout.

Unfortunately, I was only able to make it through the first chapter of the book before I had to put it down. I found the prose to be very crude, and the worldbuilding to be very thin. It might go into more detail later, but the prose really turned me off completely from finding out.

I did not enjoy this at all.

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