Mini-Update: Book Sale

Well, the book sale was slightly disappointing. I didn’t get the last Outlander book I need. There was only one table of Fantasy (compared to the usual 4-5) and overall, I didn’t find books I was actively LOOKING for. Rather I found books that randomly looked good. Also, I found book 1 and book 3 […]

April 21, 2012

Book Sale Tomorrow!

Barring a few obvious exceptions (Christmas, birthdays, my impending wedding) I think my favorite day has to be book sale day. And that day happens to be tomorrow! The local children’s hospital sets up tables and tables of books at the local mall. All the books have been donated, and all the proceeds go back […]

April 20, 2012

Writing makes me happy!

I started working on an old project again tonight. It is my NaNo from a few years ago (never finished, didn’t win with it either). I loved the story but it had a major plot hole. Like, huge. And tonight I sought the help of a friend to talk it out. Because in re-reading the […]

April 19, 2012

My “Good Book” Shopping List – Part 2: Characters

So, what is it that makes a book good? This is a question that has haunted everyone in the writing industry, probably for as long as there has been a writing industry. As I want to be a published author someday, I think it is a good thing that I am examining the question now. […]

April 17, 2012

My “Good Book” Shopping List – Part 1: Prelude

Recently, I read Dune for a book club I am a part of. And I don’t know what I expected from Dune, but I didn’t expect what I got. OK, that was partially a lie. I expected something. It was vague, but the expectation was there. I thought Dune was going to be a big […]

April 15, 2012

Currently Reading: “Across the Universe” by Beth Revis

I am not entirely sure how this book got such high ratings, to be honest. I find the writing style to be vague, and the promise on the front of the book is as-yet unfulfilled. This book is written in first person, and it flips back and forth between two characters. Every other chapter. Like […]

April 13, 2012

Why I didn’t like “Uglies” by Scott Westerfield

I have been meaning to write this blog post for a while, ever since I actually read Uglies, but true to form, I keep forgetting. It isn’t entirely my fault. Wedding planning is eating my brain. So, let’s dive right in, shall we? I warn you, this blog post will be chock-full of spoilers, so […]

April 9, 2012
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