One Bookish Question: April 2018

April 1, 2018     The Bluestocking Bookworm     Books, Reading

Hello, awesome nerds!

Inspired by people trying to revive the Tumblr book community, I am going to post one bookish question every month. This post will be stuck at the top of my blog for the month, and I am really hoping that you will all comment and add your thoughts!


Be honest now – how much does a book’s cover influence your decision to read it?

I know that nearly every lesson from the time we are small to the time we are grown – and even beyond – is meant to teach us not to judge a book by its cover. But the truth of it is, I am SO bad for this. It used to be that I would try and look beyond the cover and check out the blurb. But I recently learned that cover copy is not generally written by the author, but by a marketing person. Did you know that? I didn’t! This means that the cover blurb might actually not be the best way to get a feel for what the book is actually about.

If a book is recommended to me by someone I share reading tastes with, I generally won’t even look twice at the cover. Ditto if it is an author I know I love. But when it comes to random browsing? That cover is what drives me to pick up the book in the first place. Short of just taking chances willy-nilly (which I honestly cannot afford to do), any thoughts on ways to look beyond the cover to the content within?

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3 responses to “One Bookish Question: April 2018

  1. If it is by an author that I have read before the book cover means basically nada to me. It is unimportant for an automatically read author, which I have few of. The cover will go into the consideration pile when it is a book that I do not know anything about, but I read the little marketing blurbs, especially the inside flaps on hardcovers, to get a general idea of the genre and the general plot of the story. If it says “romance” I am less inclined to buy it even if I love the cover. A lot goes into the decision of purchasing a book, but cover is definitely an influencing factor. Though I will admit that most of the books I have are older copies of books that are not pretty because to me the written word is still the written word regardless of what is on the outside of it.

  2. This is so fun! The cover can deter me sometimes. If I’m browsing, I’ll usually look for titles that stick out, and then see what the cover looks like.

    I did know that about the blurbs! I still rely on them quite a bit, but I’ll usually open the book and read the first page or so. I’ve found that I have so many books that I think I really want to read but when I actually check out the style of writing, it’s just not for me.