No More Stars

June 20, 2012     The Bluestocking Bookworm     Random Thoughts

So, you may have noticed that my review for Mistborn didn’t have a star rating.

Yes, that was intentional.

I don’t like star ratings. They feel a litle stifling to me. A lot of the time on Goodreads I will give a book a 5 star rating because I really liked it, but I will still have found flaws with it. And then my friends ask me about why I gave it 5 stars if it had flaws. And then I go into defensive mode. And it isn’t a good thing.

I can enjoy a book that I still found some flaws with. I can not enjoy a book that was technically perfect. There are so many factors that I don’t feel comfortable giving books on the blog a rating out of 5. I would rather just give my opinion, what I liked and didn’t like.

I will still use stars on Goodreads, because I feel it is important for the authors to have that feedback. But here it will just be reviews. No stars from now on.

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