July 28, 2012     The Bluestocking Bookworm     Random Thoughts

Sorry I have been MIA lately. I have been dealing with some things in my actual-for-real (i.e. non-blogging) life. These things have, unfortunately, caused a great deal of stress for me and made it so all I really want to do at the end of the day is sleep. This does not make for good blogging.

Tomorrow I am making the most awesome cake for my husband’s birthday before we take him out for dinner. We is me and my parents. Then I get him all to myself on his actual birthday for more dinner-y goodness.

I promise that come August, and Camp NaNo, I will stop neglecting my blog. Though I may be on hiatus for the Book Challenge for a while. (Though you get to see my writing, so that is a fair trade, right?)

I think I might write up some blog posts to auto publish over the next few days. Including a review of the book I just finished – Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin.

Be kind to each other, and keep writing beautiful words!

Talk bookish to me!

One response to “MIA

  1. WP –

    Enjoyable post. It happens, the whole Life thing. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The writing comes when the writing comes. But, yes, the other side of the coin is that the writing comes when we make time to make it happen.
    Congratulations to your husband. I’m sure he will enjoy the dinner. Back to books.
    I never knew there was a whole book written with the same title as the Poe short. Interesting. I’m sort of curious as to what you thought of it. Oh, and the reason I’m asking you what you though about all these books is A. out of genuine curiosity and B. because my current academic calendar is overloaded with work and leisure reading is, for the moment, set on the back burner.
    I will be joining you for NaNo November, but won’t be able to get to Camp NaNo. It’s cool though. Looking forward to the next book challenge.