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books-and-cookies and bluestockingbookworm are proud to present the Love Your Shelf Challenge!

As bookworms, we often neglect our shelves when it comes to reading. We go to the libraries, we read e-books, we buy EVEN MORE books. And this results in a massive TBR pile that will only grow and grow.

So, we have started a campaign that we named Love Your Shelf to encourage bookworms everywhere to prioritize the books you already own over anything else.

Make it fun! Start a TBR jar with the books you own and go from there! Have a race with a friend to see who can read more of their owned books first.

To make it clear, participating in this will not mean a book buying ban (we know those are hard to keep :P)

But by liking or reblogging this, you have made the pledge that for every new book you buy/borrow, you’ll read something from your shelf. It’s that easy!

Want to show off your commitment? We have a pledge icon for you to save and display proudly to let everyone know that you LOVE YOUR SHELF!

Want to share updates on how you are doing? FANTASTIC! Use the tag #loveyourshelf so everyone can feel the love.

Stay bookish, and cookies for everyone!
-Erin and Mary (bluestockingbookworm and books-and-cookies)

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