It’s Been a While…

April 4, 2014     The Bluestocking Bookworm     Books

But I don’t need to tell YOU that it has been forever since I blogged. My health has been up and down, of course, and then I hit a bit of a blogging slump where I just… couldn’t bother to blog about books. I have still been reading of course, but I felt like my opinions were so insignificant and why bother posting?

However, I seem to be over that slump, and I am SO eager to get back into book blogging, both here and on my Tumblr.

How has 2014 been so far for you, my lovely followers?

Talk bookish to me!

One response to “It’s Been a While…

  1. WP – we missed you. I hope you’ve been well. The blogging on my end is going really well, actually. I’ve been doing a good amount of writing and, in April, have begun working on Camp NaNoWriMo. This is my first Camp, but I have done the official NaNoWriMo four times. Other that that, work is going really well, and I do look forward to the weekends so I can get some more writing in. I have also purchased a new PS4, which as you know, throws everything into a tailspin. Glad to have you back.