I don’t understand…

January 19, 2013     The Bluestocking Bookworm     Random Thoughts

So this will probably open me up to a host of all sorts of spam comments. But I am armed with my almighty “Delete” button. Poised and ready, you might say.

I really want this blog to go places. I want to be able to post reviews and have them found when people Google the books the reviews are about. I want to have followers so I can run contests and host read-alongs and all these other things that I see other book blogs doing.

But for some reason, my site is not ranked well with Google. Yahoo and Bing return it really well, but not Google. And I am not internet savvy enough to figure out why. I contacted Google, and the nice people there assured me that they hadn’t taken a manual spam action against my site (which I had read stories of, due to non-ASCII characters in links, etc.) All my webmaster tools are green-lighted. On paper, my blog is fine.

I never expected to be an “internet sensation”. But it would be nice if Googling the name of my blog brought you to… my blog. Crazy notion, right? Instead, Googling the term “why am i still here” seems to return a better result than “Written Permission Blog”.

Sorry for ranting, it is just frustrating. I am coming up on a year active, and I can’t grow my follower base if I can’t be found on Google.


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One response to “I don’t understand…

  1. WP – there’s probably some glitch somewhere. Try looking for your own stuff from a friend’s (a different person’s) computer. It’s just going to take some tweaking. Keep putting your stuff out and it will happen. Best for 2013.