DNF Review: Glitch by Brenda Pandos

October 20, 2014     The Bluestocking Bookworm     Books, Books I've Read, Reading, Reviews

Even though I didn’t finish it, many thanks to All Night Reads for the review copy via NetGalley!

Looking at the synopsis for this series, I was just ITCHING to have it in my hands. It had a lot of elements that I just really enjoyed: time travel, a dystopian setting, and a mysterious stranger. Not to mention paper is illegal and that is super intriguing.

One of the things the synopsis doesn’t mention is the band every person wears that shows their date of death. It changes based on people’s actions, etc. So if you turn onto a street and are going to get into an accident, it would flip down to like, 10 minutes instead of 50 years. The idea is flawed, but intriguing, and I really wanted to see how Brenda Pandos handled it.

However, I didn’t get very far into Glitch. 65 pages to be exact, which was about 20% of my copy.

So why didn’t I finish it? The writing was really shaky, at best. The narrative voice was not the strongest and there were quite a few errors in the text – more so than I would expect from many well-edited ARCs. (Usually even a proof copy only has one or two errors in the whole book, this was several per chapter). The main character, Abigail, was really unintelligent. She had things thrust upon her, everything to put some things together and still she was wandering around all “Lalalala everything is grand!”

But the thing that really did Glitch in for me, moving it to a DNF, is that Brenda Pandos threw too many elements together. There was the countdown timer, there was time travel, there was the blue eyes thing, the illegal paper thing, and then on top of that we had zombies… and the cherry on top which I could not handle was the mention of a Sasquatch. I didn’t read it further enough to know if it was a real Sasquatch or if the main character just thought it was a Sasquatch, but the comparison was enough for me to give up on Glitch completely.

From the 65 pages I did read, I would not recommend this book to anyone.

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