Some December Housekeeping

December 2, 2017     The Bluestocking Bookworm     Books, Reading

How is it December already? Wasn’t it just Halloween? I swear it was. Anyways, I want to address some small things today (it is late, so most of you won’t see this until Sunday but them’s the breaks!)

You may notice some things are missing on my website. I no longer have a “Currently Reading” sidebar or a Goodreads follow button. Why? Well, I am boycotting Goodreads for the foreseeable future. You see, they decided to start charging to put up giveaways. Which doesn’t sound too awful, until you realize they are charging $200-$600 per title, depending on number of copies, and they are limiting the giveaways to within the US. This not only alienates the massive amount of readers who are located outside of the US, but it also acts as a gatekeeping measure to keep self-published and small-press authors out of the game. They aren’t charging for giveaways through Amazon Direct Publishing, though. Hmm, that doesn’t sound like a shady move meant to monopolize the self-published industry. Amazon owns Goodreads, by the way. If you have any recommendations for alternate options for sites to track my reading and to share reviews, those are SUPER welcome.

I am, starting tomorrow (December 3, or the first FULL week of December) going to be trying to do some BLOGMAS type posts. I will be putting together some gift guides of books I loved this year, and other things you can gift to your bookworm. Because we all have at least one. I am not going to stress too much about posting every day, though. Because when I stress, I don’t do the things I want to.

I may go inexplicably MIA, though. And the main reason for that is that in early November, my mom did an oops and fell down the basement stairs, breaking her ankle. She is really stressed about the holidays and all the things she feels she needs to do, and the fact that she can’t bear any sort of weight on her broken ankle. At least she isn’t supposed to. Yes mom, I know that you are likely reading this right now. I love you! Anyways, I need to be able to help her out as needed, which means I don’t have a lot of “extra” time in which to blog.

Is there anything specific you would like to see for Bluestocking Bookworm Does Blogmas? Do you have any plans for December?

Stay bookish, lovelies!

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