Challenge Your Shelf: June 3

June 3, 2016     The Bluestocking Bookworm     Books, Books I've Read, Personal, Reading

Prompt: A Book About a Difficult Topic

I am a relatively lucky person. I don’t have any severe triggers, and the ones I do have are pretty specific, so I don’t encounter them often. That said, there are a lot of books out there that have made me really think about various issues.

The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace (Goodreads)
This is a book of poetry written by a friend of mine that I made while blogging. It deals with some heavy topics, and I am so very glad to have read it, and so very touched that she chose to share this with people she doesn’t even know.

All The Rage by Courtney Summers (Goodreads)
This book is about rape and rape culture. If you don’t think rape culture is a real thing, read this book. I promise your mind will be changed.

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson (Goodreads)
As a woman who has had only the most brief encounters with disordered eating, this book was really hard to read.

What this list lacks: books that tackle racism and issues that affect the LGBTQ community. I welcome any recommendations to remedy that!

What was the hardest book you have read, because the topic was just too much for you?

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One response to “Challenge Your Shelf: June 3

  1. Lady Injury by Melissa C Water, which is about Self Injury. While I don’t self harm personally, I know people who do, and her descriptions are so intense. Her anxiety is some of the worst I’ve heard of, and the book is just SO GOOD, at the same time being so terribly horrible.

    Liar by Rob Roberge, Depression, suicide, drug addiction. The timeline flips all over the place and you go so deep into his mind that it’s hard to get out. Brilliant writing. Terrifying memoir.