The Care and Feeding of your Bookworm: Holiday Edition

December 4, 2017     The Bluestocking Bookworm     Books

We all have at least one awesome bookworm in our lives. And we love them a lot. So I thought I would put together a small list of ways to make your bookworm’s holidays a little more merry and bright!

The Care and Feeding of your Bookworm: Holiday Edition

Your bookworm is likely an introvert. Try not to bombard them with too much conversation at once. However, do make an effort to ensure they are included. A great conversation? Ask your bookworm about what they are reading! But only if you really care, ok? We know if you don’t care.

Do not harass your bookworm if they decide to take out a book at a social gathering. They may be at a cliffhanger, their favourite character may be in peril, or they may just be feeling left out of the conversation.

If you want to go a step further, provide a cozy reading corner for your bookworm. You are encouraged to provide a blanket for your bookworm. A wingback chair or a corner of the couch is ideal.

Is your bookworm snacking? Keep their snacks replenished so they don’t have to put down their book at a pivotal plot moment!

The above point applies for beverages as well, whether alcoholic, warm, or otherwise.

Give your bookworm books as gifts. But don’t be surprised if they start reading them right away!

Did I miss anything? What would help you out as a bookworm over the holidays?

Stay bookish, lovelies!

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4 responses to “The Care and Feeding of your Bookworm: Holiday Edition

  1. LorienKittyBooks

    Very brilliant advice! Especially about the food and drink, cuz I’ll just not eat until I get to a low point in the story.

  2. Hahaha fun post 😀 although I would rather say give your bookworm book vouchers* because it sucks when people give you duplicates or something you’d never read “cause it was popular” (or worse – self-help books!)

  3. This sounds perfect to me! I’m lucky that I’m married to a bookworm as well, so we cuddle up on the couch and periodically talk about our books. So much fun!