Camp NaNo – Day Three

August 3, 2012     The Bluestocking Bookworm     Random Thoughts, Writing

I hit my first milestone tonight!

5000 words.

I am still ahead of par (which is 4838 words).

I feel odd this time around. I don’t remember the three-day mark resulting in a 10 page word document. But there you have it.

Even though the writing is bad, I seem to be thinking more in scenes and arcs than in chapters specifically. And my characters are taking me on a bit of a wild ride. I love it!

Writing is awesome.

FUN FACT: The last word I wrote today was “together”.

Talk bookish to me!

One response to “Camp NaNo – Day Three

  1. WP – it’s the first draft. It’s actually (some would consider) pre-1st draft. I wouldn’t even consider the words ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to take form yet. The great thing is that not only have you hit your milestone, you’re ahead of the course. Great job! Keep it up!