A Very Bluestocking Bookworm Update!

October 1, 2014     The Bluestocking Bookworm     Books, Personal, Random Thoughts

I have been focused on my Tumblr presence so much lately, and I really need to remedy that. I need to find the balance between Tumblr and my .com sites. Because I have so many exciting things to share with you, my followers!

Of course, as soon as I came to this conclusion, the computer housing all of my blog materials died on me. Then my desktop quickly followed suit. I recently got a new laptop, which is VERY AWESOME, but it means I am very behind.

So, what are some of the exciting things?

First off, reviews. I have SO MANY wonderful reviews to share with you! I have been reading so many books lately, and I have blown through my goal of 100 for the year. Some of the reviews I have coming up soon include:
The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey
The Butcher by Jennifer Hillier
The Lost by Sarah Beth Durst
Deliah’s Shadow by Jamie Lee Moyer
Look Behind You by Sibel Hodge

and so many more!

I have also decided, I think, to start doing some booktubing. I think I will do this for my monthly reading round ups to start, and go from there. I am excited about this, too, because it gives me an opportunity to share with everyone my love of books. It lets me talk about books I like without having to write a full review, which is actually really hard lately.

So. Are you with me?

Stay bookish, awesome nerds!

Talk bookish to me!

2 responses to “A Very Bluestocking Bookworm Update!

  1. Sounds exciting! I’d like to get into booktubing myself but my camera is a little useless, thankfully it’s my birthday this month and I’m hoping I’ll get a new shiny one and I can join the booktube family. ^_^

    • The Bluestocking Bookworm

      Jess, I am trying it with my built in camera first, so it could be bad, but we will see!